7.23.2015 - Debate - No Boston Olympics

Boston 2024 Debate: Will the Olympics build a better Boston?

Boston 2024 Debate: Will the Olympics build a better Boston?


Thursday, July 23rd, 8pm-9pm. 


Televised on Fox 25. The debate will also stream online on myfoxboston.com, bostonglobe.com, and the FOX25 news app.



On the Boston 2024 side is Boston 2024 committee chairman Steve Pagliuca, and Daniel Doctoroff, a USOC and Boston2024 board member. Chris Dempsey, the co-chair of No Boston Olympics, will represent the opposition, along with Andrew Zimbalist, a Smith College economist and author of Circus Maximus: The Economic Gamble Behind Hosting the Olympics and the World Cup.

The debate will be moderated by FOX25 anchor Maria Stephanos and Boston Globe reporter Sacha Pfeiffer. The participants will answer questions raised by Pfeiffer and Stephanos, as well as questions from the public. Viewers and readers can submit questions on the Boston Globe and FOX25 Facebook pages and through Twitter with the #OlympicsDebate hashtag.

Reporters from both outlets will discuss the debate and fact-check statements in a post-debate analysis live streamed on bostonglobe.com, myfoxboston.com, and the FOX25 News app.

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