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Latest Olympic Research:

Going for the Gold: The Economics of the Olympics. Academic research by Professors Robert A. Baade and Victor A. Matheson

Journal of Economic Perspectives, Spring 2016


National Public Radio: "Olympic Caveats: Host Cities Risk Debt, Scandal"

National Public Radio: "The Games Are A Great Party, But Not A Great Investment"

Professor Andrew Zimbalist's new book: "Circus Maximus: The Economic Gamble Behind Hosting the Olympics and the World Cup"

Brookings Press website

Read The Economist's review of Circus Maximus

Watch Professor Zimbalist's talk at No Boston Olympics' Public Meeting here.




Read the Harvard Kennedy School's Research Roundup on the Economic and cultural benefits of the Olympics:

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Economic Impact of Hosting Olympics and Other Mega-Events:

International Handbook on the Economics of Mega Sporting EventsWolfgang Maennig (Author, Editor), Andrew Zimbalist (Author, Editor)

Bidding for the Olympics: Fool's Gold? - Prof. Victor Matheson and Prof. Robert A. Baade

Mega-Sporting Events In Developing Nations: Playing The Way To Prosperity? - Prof. Victor Matheson and Prof. Robert A. Baade

Mega-Events: The effect of the world’s biggest sporting events on local, regional, and national economies - Prof. Victor Matheson

Is It Worth It? - Prof. Andrew Zimbalist

Economic Impact Of The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development


Olympic Cost Overruns:

Olympic Proportions: Cost and Cost Overrun at the Olympics 1960-2012 - Prof. Bent Flyvbjerg and Associate Fellow Allison Stewart, Oxford University

The average cost overrun for producing the Olympic Games has been more than 200% since 1976 - Will Jennings, Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Southampton

London School of Economics -- London 2012 - Various