Contact Your Legislators - No Boston Olympics

Contact Your Legislator

Copy the language below, then head to this page to find your legislators' email addresses.  Be sure to fill in your city or town and name!
Dear Representative/Senator,
I am a constituent in ____________________ who opposes the submission of a Boston Olympic bid by a private entity known as Boston2024.  While it is certainly an honor to be considered as a serious potential Olympic host, I hope that you oppose the bid and the tremendous risk it poses to taxpayers.  Hosting the Olympics would be an expensive distraction from the important issues that you have campaigned on, such as improving education, creating more affordable housing, and creating a welcoming business environment in the state.  It is troubling that Boston2024 submitted its bid to the USOC without holding a single public meeting, and that the bidding documents were only made public after the bid was awarded.

We shouldn't need external motivation in order to make infrastructure improvements here in Massachusetts.  If anything, giving a voice in these important decisions to the International Olympic Committee and outside Olympic sponsors will lessen the likelihood that the long-term needs of Massachusetts citizens are met.  The reality is that there is a track record of host cities who have been burdened for years with debt and unused sports stadiums, their dreams hijacked by outside interests.  
I urge you to think deeply about our priorities as a Commonwealth, and to continue to support the important issues that you have run on in the past.  Please say "No, thanks" to Boston2024.