Boston2024 Fact Check - No Boston Olympics

Boston2024 Fact Check

Boston2024 on Prior US Host Cities:

“Every game that's been held in the US, winter or summer - that's Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Lake Placid - have been cash flow positive. We know how to put on a winter or summer games here in the US.”

– Boston2024 President Dan O’Connell, 12/2/2014, Fox25 News


"The Games overrun with 100 percent consistency."

– Olympic Proportions: Cost and Cost Overrun at the Olympics 1960-2012, Oxford University

“Continued state and local subsidies will be required for the operating deficits, as well as additional funds for maintenance and replacement costs.”

– Arthur D. Little, Inc., Report on the Utilization of Lake Placid Olympic Facilities, 1980


Boston2024 on Taxpayer indemnification in Chicago:

“One thing Chicago did well was they put together an insurance package…we would put the same kind of insurance package together.”

– Boston2024 President Dan O’Connell, 12/3/2014, NECN


“In many key areas, no insurer stands between taxpayers and the risk of revenue shortfalls or cost overruns…There's no insurance against the risk that private lenders won't shell out $1 billion to finance construction of the Olympic Village.”

- Crain’s Business Journal, 12/9/2009


Boston2024 on Tourism Benefits:

"Based on other cities' experiences, an Olympics would greatly enhance tourism both before and after the games.”

– Boston2024 Board Member and State Senator Eileen Donoghue, 6/14/2014, Lowell Sun


“Britain received about 5% fewer foreign visitors in August 2012 than it did in the same month the previous year. There is strikingly little evidence that Olympics increase tourism or draw new investment.”

– NY Times, 8/5/2014


Boston2024 on Public Process:

“[John] Fish said he believes the public may see the model in action in November, in neighborhood meetings about potential Olympic venues.”

– Boston Globe, 10/8/2014

“Now that Boston is on the short list, it is time to have a community and statewide discussion about whether the Olympics can serve as a catalyst to take Boston and the commonwealth in the direction they need to take in the coming years.”

– Boston2024 Board Member and State Senator Eileen Donoghue, 6/14/2014, Lowell Sun


“The public meetings Fish discussed never transpired.”

–, 11/19/2014

“Boston 2024 faced some criticism in the run-up to the bid submission for not hosting any public meetings ahead of submitting the bid.”

–, 12/3/2014