Write a Letter to the Editor - No Boston Olympics

Add your voice to the chorus of Massachusetts residents who have written letters to local newspapers. If your letter is printed, send it to us at info@nobostonolympics.org and we'll add it to the list of 50+ letters below!

Letters to the Editor:

Emily Achtenberg, Jamaica Plain, Boston Globe, 7.20.2015: Columbia Point’s conversion came at a cost

Tony DeCapua, Randolph, Boston Herald, 7.6.2015: Olympic-sized debts

Jeffrey Green, Somerville, Boston Globe, 7.2.2015: Olympics bid amounts to a sales pitch

Steve Swonk, Quincy, Patriot Ledger, 6.22.2015: We don't need the Olympics

George Caplan, Acton, Acton/Boxborough Beacon, 6.18.2015: No to Olympics

Edward Stuczko, Oxford, Worcester Telegram, 6.16.2015: Boston can't handle Olympics

Walter McDonald, Cambridge, Boston Globe, 6.11.2015: One way or another, state will feel costly tug from Olympics

Mike Rice, Welfleet, Boston Herald, 6.3.2015: Big dig into...wallets

Randy Moore, Mashpee, Boston Globe, 6.2.2015: Olympic bid draws fire

Alex Freedman, Longmeadow, Springfield Republican, 5.28.2015: Sen. Lesser's Boston 2024 vote needs an explanation

Julie A. Nelson, Arlington, Boston Globe, 5.26.2015: Don’t tell us what ‘we’ think, Globe

Jason Blanchette, Dorchester, Boston Globe, 5.26.2015: Calling critics children is childish

David Pesapane, Westbrook, CT, Boston Globe, 5.26.2015: Empty World Cup stadiums a warning for Boston

Thomas F. Schiavoni, North End, Boston Globe, 5.26.2015: Shakespearean taunting does not advance Olympic debate

Harvey E. Finkel, Brookline, Brookline Tab, 5.22.2015: Olympics an ill-advised house party

H.H. Pizziano, Revere Journal, 5.21.2015: Quite the Dreamers

Peter Kwass, Boston, Boston Globe, 5.14.2015: Olympics would push all other visions for future aside

Christopher Hurld, South Boston, Dorchester Reporter, 5.13.2015: Olympic opposition rooted in fact, not NIMBY rhetoric

Michael Charney, Cambridge, Boston Globe, 5.9.2015: What if girding for climate change were an Olympic event?

Peter Thomas, Beverly, Salem News, 5.6.2015: Local projects come before Olympics

Jonathan Cohn, Boston, Boston Globe, 5.4.2015: Striking omissions in Boston 2024 board members’ bios

Paul Kirschen, Concord, Boston Globe, 4.30.2015: Studded as it is with stars, Boston 2024 board doesn’t reflect the public

Lew Nathan, Shirley, Boston Globe, 4.30.2015: Olympic critics are clear-eyed, not starry-eyed

Rick Pozniak, Billerica, Boston Globe, 4.30.2015: Another knock on transparency at Boston 2024

Alice Shabecoff, Brookline, Boston Globe, 4.27.2015: The motive driving Olympics push in Boston

David Dunne, Somerville, Boston Globe, 4.15.2015: If it’s such a good bet, why won’t wealthy boosters put money on line?

Andrew M. Hoadley, Cohasset, 4.15.2015: Our area would strain under weight of Olympics

Lee Glenn, Jamaica Plain, Boston Globe, 4.1.2015: Franklin Park neighbor is clear on why she opposes Boston 2024 bid

Carole-Jean Smith, Watertown, Boston Globe, 4.1.2015: Shelter delay highlights our misplaced priorities

Michael Linehan, Natick, MetroWest Daily News, 3.31.2015: More cronyism in Boston

David Rohlrich, Jamaica Plain, JP Gazette, 3.27.2015: Gazette is right about Boston 2024’s contempt for public

Maria D. Rodrigues, Brighton, Boston Globe, 3.26.2015: Beacon Hill wants to commission an Olympic study? Done! See below.

Charlotte Kahn, Ipswich, Boston Globe, 3.22.2015: Instead of pitching Games, let us win at making Boston climate-safe

Tony Meschini, Scituate, Boston Herald, 3.19.2015: Gone, but not forgotten

Diane Simpson, Boston, Boston Globe, 3.18.2015: Until there is a referendum, this will not be ‘Boston’s bid’

Peter Brooke, Boston Globe, 3.18.2015: This debate calls for an independent, objective arbiter

Stan Dabrowski, Dartmouth, South Coast Today, 3.13.2015: $7,500-a-day Patrick pay is hard to digest

John P. Dietrich, Monson, Springfield Republican, 3.12.2015: Deval Patrick showed true colors on involvement with Boston 2024

Christopher Hurld, South Boston, Caught in Southie, 3.10.2015: Boston 2024 Community Meeting

Michael Suvalle, Framingham, Boston Globe, 3.18.2015: When it comes to funding, let’s hold Boston 2024’s feet to the flame

Michael Albano, Longmeadow, Berkshire Eagle, 3.16.2015: Boston Olympics bad for Western MA

Jeffrey Schaffer, Westborough, MetroWest Daily News, 3.8.2015: Watch out for Olympics ‘wizard'

Alison Leonard, Daily Free Press, 3.5.2015: Boston 2024: Athletes May Win, but Commuters and Residents Will Lose

China Altman, Boston Globe, 2.28.2015: Keep the Common Olympics-free

Robert Levy, Swampscott, Boston Globe, 2.7.2015: An Olympic-size problem: System groans under weight of demand

Erik Berg, Jamaica Plain, Boston Globe, 1.30.2015: Pour resources into rebuilding city schools instead

Bryon Clemence, Boxborough, Boston Globe, 1.18.2015: Lessons from Big Dig, Democratic convention do not calm skeptics

David Bryant, Dedham, Boston Globe, 1.18.2015: Group behind Boston Olympic bid doesn’t speak for him

Frank Stone, Jamaica Plain, Jamaica Plain Gazette, 1.16.2015: Olympics would be a tragedy for common citizens

Melissa McWhinney, Somerville, Boston Globe, 1.13.2015: At least one pressing need

Richard Howard, Winchester, Boston Globe, 1.10.2015: Opposing this wrong-headed bid is not same as ‘naysaying’

Harvey Finkel, Brookline, Brookline Tab, 1.1.2015: Beware…Olympic ringwraiths

Judith Gunderson, Milton, Boston Globe, 12.31.2014: Bridge woes ought to elbow Olympic ambitions aside

Dan Currie, Boston, Boston Herald, 12.3.2014: Olympics in the open

Mike Campbell, Dorchester, Boston Globe, 12.1.2014: Barcelona Olympics no precedent for Boston

Richard Howard, Winchester, Boston Globe, 6.18.2014: Every 4 years, Olympic spirit exploited for its glitz value





Berkshire Eagle, 6.5.2015: Does West want a part of Olympics?

Worcester Telegram & Gazette, 5.26.2015: On course?

Boston Globe, 3.26.2015: Boston 2024’s effort needs transparency on donations

Boston Globe, 3.24.2015: Olympics referendum should ask the right question

Boston Globe, 1.21.2015: Walsh, Olympic committee must drop ban on criticism

Patriot Ledger, 1.16.2015: Boston 2024 Olympic Committee must earn our trust